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At Expedia Group, we have the most data for the traveler's journey and we create the tools and technology to help millions of travelers search and book their perfect trip - from flights to activities, accommodations to cars, our tools cover it all. Get involved in solving problems and building creative solutions by implementing the newest technology and approaches. You will have the opportunity to influence design decisions, build strategies and drive projects to completion.

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We are the only global full-service travel company and we’re making travel easier on over 200 travel sites in over 70 countries. We are looking for world-class talent to help us deliver incredible travel experiences powered by data and technology. If you are a self-driven, collaborative problem-finder and solver, and passionate about travel, you’ll love the challenge of technology at Expedia Group.

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Our teams work with the most data in the travel domain to solve complex problems in travel like natural language processing, computer vision, search, online auction, marketing, personalization and recommendations, to name a few. You’ll push the bounds of technology with machine learning and artificial intelligence and share among your peers at conferences and through published articles.

It gives me a great sense of humility and pride at the same time to know the algorithms that I build help millions and millions of people travel to the places they dream of.
Director, Data Science

Our teams develop technology that creates unforgettable travel experiences. You’ll create highly scalable applications, contribute to the systems architecture and manage operational aspects like performance tuning and monitoring.

The scale is massive and the problems are complex yet relatable because I am solving for the problems I face as a traveler.
Software Development Engineer

Our teams develop technology that creates unforgettable travel experiences. You’ll create highly scalable applications, contribute to the systems architecture and manage operational aspects like performance tuning and monitoring.

It gives immense sense of accomplishment when you know that every day, millions of lines of code gets built and deployed to actually solve problems for our customers in travel.
Senior Director, Product

Our teams start with the traveler in mind to craft and improve their experiences on a global scale, across devices and platforms through research and design. You’ll partner with product and development to deliver world-class traveler experiences.

People travel for so many nuanced and personal reasons, from connecting with loved ones, to traveling for work, and seeing the world. Understanding these nuances allows us to make the booking and travel process as fast and painless as possible, so travelers make the most of their trip!
Lead UX Designer

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Our purpose is to strengthen connections, broader horizons and bridge divides. We are among the largest technology companies in the world, and our work is solely dedicated to one of the most socially and economically important activities on the planet – travel.

Our travel brands represent the world's most comprehensive selection of travel offerings. From personal to business, last minute to expenses, we’ve got it. These options are backed by industry leading technology and a worldwide team of passionate employees whose focus is creating the best travel experience.

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