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Inclusive, enriching,
and dynamic


Expedia Group's Seattle Campus builds on our long history in the Pacific Northwest. Our Seattle campus is a physical representation of the Expedia Group brand and reflects both our growing numbers and our growing aspirations on the world stage. It's not just a place where we do our best work; it's a destination.

What Our Campus
Means to Us

The Seattle campus speaks to the core of our identity as a travel company – based in the Northwest, yet consciously global in our outlook. Situated on 40 acres of Elliott Bay waterfront, our Seattle campus showcases many of the hallmarks of travel we love: trains, cruise ships, flights overhead, green spaces and multi-use trails. Our Seattle campus provides an inclusive, enriching and dynamic workplace where employees can come together as one team to learn, grow and tackle some of the world's most interesting challenges.

Free access to the custom-built fitness center and its in-house nutritionist

Expanded access to on-site medical care, physical therapy, massage and behavioral health services.

Over 200 bike lockers.

The on-site marketplace features freshly-prepared food with plenty of seating.

Smaller cafes or “social points” are spread throughout the campus. They are set up to make it easy for you to get a quick snack or caffeine boost solo or with a colleague.

Food Trucks on campus round out our multidimensional food offering.

The Elliot Bay Trail separates pedestrians from other trail users, such as cyclists and skate boarders, and the curves of the path maximize waterfront views.

The Seattle Campus features an extensive bike room with 400 stall/locks. And if you really work up a sweat biking to work, there are plenty of showers!

From walking meetings to private places for deep thoughts under a tree, the 40 acres along the waterfront have plenty of space to suit your diverse needs during any given day. With reliable Wi-Fi indoors and outdoors, virtual calls and other online collaboration remain seamless.

Sports fields are available for those who want to step up your "game" and connect with other employees who share your athletic interests!

The building layout is intentionally horizontal, not vertical, and features the highest accessibility standards throughout the campus. The maximum height of buildings the campus is three stories.

Anticipate bright and light meetings with 11-foot windows in all the buildings.


We understand an office isn't just about where your desk is, there is so much more! The Seattle campus includes some fantastic amenities – from bike trails and outdoor spaces to a food marketplace featuring fresh and local fare – everyone will find something special.

Flexibility is the focus of the commute program

There are options that meet a variety of daily commute needs

All parking on campus is charged daily at market rate

Many neighborhoods have access to a transit routes direct into downtown Seattle

The Expedia Downtown Hub Shuttle stops at Westlake Station, King Street Station, and Colman Dock

The Expedia Downtown Hub Shuttle runs every 15 minutes

Four shuttle routes serve Eastside neighborhoods: Bothell/Kirkland, Bellevue, Redmond, Issaquah

The Elliot Bay Trail separates pedestrians from other trail users, such as cyclists and skate boarders

The campus secure bike parking room has capacity for 400 bikes

The bike room is equipped with a variety of bike racks as well as outlets for charging e-bike batteries


Whether you drive, ride, walk, take the bus or the ferry, the Seattle campus has plenty of convenient commuter routes, many of which are free.

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