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Senior Product Manager - Email marketing

United Kingdom - London


Company: Expedia 
Job title: Senior Product Manager - Email Marketing 
Location: London
Salary: Competitive 

Position Description: 
We are looking for a highly analytical and passionate Senior Product Manager to lead optimization and scaling of Vrbo's Marketing Platform. You will use qualitative industry and user insights alongside our quantitative analytics systems to create the product strategy and road map, produce specifications that evolve the email marketing program. 

•Define and execute the vision, goals, and roll out of Marketing emails that emotionally connect customers to our Brand while perfectly matching them to the right vacation destination. 
•Execute A/B testing strategy and global roll out plans for Email Marketing as part of the Marketing Platform portfolio 
•Collaborate with engineering and Marketing partners to specify feature details, create user stories, drive Agile delivery and UAT. 
•Provide recommendations backed by data across multiple concurrent assessments; design and implement product-testing strategy around these recommendations. 
•Form relationships and partnerships between global Product teams and other parts of the organisation and Expedia Brand Family to help achieve goals. 
•Handle trade-offs between cost, schedule, and business benefit, and ensure successful delivery of features to Production that meet customer needs. 
•Engage with multiple departments across the organisation to solve problems and identify trends and opportunities. 
•Build & maintain up-to-date industry knowledge of marketing technologies. 
•Automate as much as possible, and develop scalable processes in a high volume environment. 
•Understand Vrbo's evolving strategic and competitive position and deliver products that are recognized as best in the industry. 
•Collaborate with operations teams to optimize email templates, content, and targeting to drive an uplift in performance. 

•Bachelor's degree in computer science or psychology and MBA or Master's Degree are required. 
•Proven and confirmed experience in the following IT systems: Jira, SQL and Confluence. 
•Highly fluent in English. 
•Confirmed experience working in B2C and B2B environments. 
•Previous experience as a software developer and managing cross functional teams of developers. 
•Previous experience working with Europe and USA, understanding of the complexity of government regulations across Europe and the USA. 
•Experience with customer sign-up product flows and building in-house affiliates management tools. 
•Communicating efficiently on different levels of the organization from C level. 
•Previous experience in platform and marketing services industry. 
•Experience in marketing and CRM. 
•Proven track record of delivering marketing outbound communication strategy product life-cycle. 
•Familiarity with email push notification systems. 
•Ability to provide strategic recommendations on how to integrate systems in intercompany ecosystems. 
•Experience working with agile methodologies. 
•Proven and confirmed experience in project management, system analysis and user experience. 
•Confirmed experience in data-driven product optimization: you can interpret data and trends, diagnose problems, and formulate action plans to support decisions. 
•Proven and confirmed product management experience, including the delivery of entire products from start to finish, in email technology/communication preferred. 
•Understanding of the technical architecture of complex and highly scalable web applications 
•Your communication skills allow you to excel at collaborating in a Global team environment, working in several time zones. 
•You are a problem solver and a self-starter who demonstrates initiative and tenacity while working independently. You will thrive on challenges, and demanding situations will not deter you. 
•Proficient in using the scientific method to identify and evaluate solutions to business problems; 
•Comfortable with and adaptable to change. We work in an innovative fast growth environment where products and processes evolve rapidly. 
•Proficient in team leadership relationship management and time management 
•You have a passion for data, technology, and machine learning applications. 
•Experience in the travel vertical and a 2-sided marketplace are a plus. 
•Experience utilizing web analytics, data analysis and design to make product decisions. 
•Experience crafting intuitive and straightforward user interfaces – ability to build examples through wireframes and mock-ups. 

Expedia is committed to creating an inclusive work environment with a diverse workforce. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability or age. 

Open date: 14 November 2019 
Close date: 12 December 2019 


Expedia is committed to creating an inclusive work environment with a diverse workforce. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability or age.


Job Category
Technology Group

Job Function
Program Development

United Kingdom - London

Job Type
Full-Time Regular

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